How to download GTA 5 Mobile

Download GTA 5 for Mobile

Video Instruction

Can I download GTA 5 on Android?

Yes, you can download GTA 5 on Android. There's no need to download the APK file to your computer first. Simply open the browser and go to our website. Then click the download button and hit the download button. The file will be downloaded straight to your device and you will be able to install it like any other APK to enjoy the full potential of Grand Theft Auto 5 mobile.


Click the Download button here or at the top of the website

Is GTA 5 on Android real?

Yes, the GTA 5 presented here is very real. If you do not believe us - go to our main page and see the video. In this video you will see a real person playing GTA 5 Mobile on a real phone without any emulators. The game has been ported by a group of fans for other people to enjoy it freely. We have no business showing you something that is not real!

How many GB is GTA 5?

The installer of GTA 5 is merely a few megabytes large. Let us explain how it works - the game has a sideload feature that allows it to extremely compress currently unused files. Therefore, if you are playing as Michael, the files for Trevor and Franklin are extremely compressed and use very little disk space. This way the game is very small yet fully functional and smooth.

How do you download GTA 5 on mobile?

All you need to do is go to our website and hit the big Download button - either for Android or iOS, depending on your phone's or tablet's operating system. The file weight less than 20MB so it will download in a blink of an eye. Then just install it like any other app and you'll be ready to enjoy the game. If that sounds fun, then go to our website and download it today!

Can you play GTA V on mobile?

Yes, GTA V is now available for all mobile devices - including Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads. The game has been perfected and is still being updated to tweak it even more. It works on pretty much every device with at least 512MB of RAM. The whole optimization has been explained on one of our blog posts, so read it if you want to know the secret behind GTA V on mobile.

Can I play GTA 5 on Android for free?

Yes! GTA 5 from our coders is completely free to download and play. Since we are a group of Grand Theft Auto V fans, we do not want others to pay for our work. It is a fan-based project and all we want it to allow others to play the game on their phones anywhere they want. The game is totally free and it will stay that way for all eternity!

How can I play GTA 5 on Android?

If you are playing GTA 5 on Android phone or tablet, you can use built-in controllers that we update regularly - they are easy to use and fun to play with. Another option is to use a remote controller such as a game pad or a remote keyboard. It is up to you. The game is fun both ways - the remote controler only makes is a bit easier to navigate.

How can I get GTA for free on Android?

As we mentioned before - the GTA on Android presented here is and will always be free to download and free to play. You just need to go to our website, download the APK file and install the game on your device. It will work straight out of the box and you will be able to play it right after the installation process is complete.

How do you download GTA 5 on Android without human verification?

The human verification depends on your phone's brand, model and your ISP. If your ISP is not blacklisted, then you will be able to play the game without having to verify your device. That protection is used to protect the servers from abusers and people who use cheats. Simply download the APK and install the game. If your ISP has never been used to abuse the system, there will be no verification process.

How do I verify my GTA 5 mobile?

It is very easy to verify your GTA 5 Mobile device. Just go to the download section, download the game and install it. Once it's installed, run it like any other app and see if the verification process appears. If it does - click the Verify button and follow the instructions. The verification process depends on your current ISP and it is always explained in detail.

Is GTA 5 APK safe?

Yes, the file is always tested by multiple programs before it is released to the public to avoid spreading malicious code. If you are not convinced, download the APK and scan it yourself with any anti-virus of your choice. We are sure it will come out clean and you will not have to worry about it not being safe. We try hard to keep the code as clean as possible!

How do I download OBB files for GTA 5?

The OBB files for GTA 5 are going to download automatically once you run the installed. You will not see them being downloaded, since the process runs in the background but we can assure you it will not drain your data transfer, since the files are very small. The idea behind automation is for the users to be able to enjoy GTA 5 on mobile without having to know any coding or IT skills and to make it as easy as possible.